——————–Memoirs of a Sunset Boulevard——————–

"Sunset For Lovers"

Passion of fire hugged, lustily on these heart strings,
left breathless by, such gravity crushing attraction,
Do believe me thou, for this weight even can’t Atlas hold,
Grant the way for was a wish, to rescind this mighty force,

Did where but fall this wish, through such countless stars,
May it not have fallen, but stranded left on a death star,
If only thee could comprehend, pain of thy’s abstinence,
Compare to nothingg short, is a dagger to a heart,

Was why once a stranger thought, to forever hold his secrecy,
Afraid his darling swallow, will fly to leave him for despair,
So have it not become an option, tolerable to this man anymore,
Flooded are gates of heaven, pouring rain of melancholy,

Thee’s cruel silence hurts, agonizes my cultured conscience,
Does thy not respect, these feelings conveyed in vain,
For ask thou self my darling, have thy seen anyone try so hard,
For thou’s affection, or a single smile of admiration,

Nay sure is this mind, thou would have not met even a single one,
More is deserving, of benevolence by thy’s compassion,
Though thee might not understand, these words are honest,
May thy hastily notice, sincerity of these plans,

For What is that thy want, or that thy wait for,
As Ideas creep out zero, do tell before this mind crazes,
Thus not a stalker this is, so beware not offend truth of this purity,
Such is this inexporable self respect, which thou cannot find,

Scared is understandable, due sheer arrogance is stupidity,
So by God do not condemn, for loss will be thou’s too,
Know this offer is priceless, with no promises of gold nor the moon,
But of forever loving thee, with all my tender heart,
So darling hold my hand, stop this unjust judgement,
Fly with me my dove, into dreams of my sunset boulevard,

Written by: NaliaM   Photo Credits: Millzero

“Amor est vitae essentia” – Love is the Essence of Life.

2011 NaliaM  © PoeticBigotry®


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Feels like a Victory to My blog – Civil Court Overruled GMR USD25/- ADC Bid

Today morning when i woke up and saw the headlines at our Haveeru Daily Newspaper was the first time I felt such joy in reading an article from them. The title read that “Civil Court Rules Against GMR’s airport Development Charge” meaning that civil court had overruled the permission given to GMR to take USD 25/- from each passenger who departures from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA). So you all might think why the joy? Well this is why: Because of this Article below, and more or so because it was written and posted by myself on my very own blog.

ADC Tax: U$D 25 What A Rip Off By GMR on Maldivian Citizens

In retrospect it’s possible that this change of events had nothing to do with my blog post, but I’m an optimist and therefore would like to think that what I wrote and shared with my fellow citizens did help even in a small way in having this positive change. Even if it was by helping to get a whole lot of people to be aware of this situation, or even if a decisive person was made to rethink after a glance at this very piece of journalism I would consider my job to be done, my social responsibility as an educated citizen of the country of Maldives to be fulfilled. As for me this is the first time I have seen a positive change come off after I have written about an agitating issue from our society. This sense of accomplishing something from my blog finally has made all this worthwhile. So I call to educated people out in my country don’t just stand there silent, do something, might not be very big, but you never know how great what a little thing you did to bring a change could be. So get your’e pens out, keyboards out and start spreading the revolution.

Since we got that out of our way lets look at this overturn of decision taken by Civil Court on the GMR USD 25/- ADC tax and how this charge will be reformed now. First of all this overruling doesn’t mean that we don’t have to pay this charge, this only means that this amount is going to be changed. Because according to Civil Court GMR have breached the agreement made between them and the Maldives government, also as Judge Ali Rasheed stressed the charges proposed by GMR are similar fees to be taken but “in a different name” but “for the same purpose” so an implementation of this proposed charge by GMR would clearly conflict with the terms in the Maldives Constitution rules & regulations of the following:

Act No : 78/71 “The Service Charges Act of 1978

So according to the above the agreement Maldivian government had with GMR on 28th June was in conflict with the Act No: 78/71 “The Service Charge Act of 1978” rules a) which clearly has stated how much can be charged from a passenger in these circumstances, which will be further explained below; and b) which clearly eradicates a lot of the irrelevant taxes GMR wanted to take from Passengers of INIA like insurance etc., as it states the charge is only taken for the collective services provided by the airport. So therefore GMR won’t be able to take the USD 25/- they were initially going to scrape out from the departing passengers of INIA. Here are the new charges which is likely to be endorsed after the recent events.

–  Also these charges are in accordance with Act No: 78/71 “The Service Charge Act of 1978”. Rule a).

Rate Calculated at: 1USD – 15.42 MRF
USD 18.50 (exactly MRF285.27) From Departing International Passengers
USD 12 (exactly MRF185.04) From Departing Local Passengers (From Any Maldivian Citizen Above 2 Years)

So there you go people, still I think it should be lower more like maximum of 10USD from an adult and 7USD from anyone below 18. But that’s only wishful thinking and unlikely to happen, none the less this is a small victory.


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The Saviour of Alpha & Omega, The Romantic Arrow of Hope

"Help Me!!!"

Holy work of Serendipity, Struck a fate out of nowhere,
So thought a heart, Electrified by impulses unconcievable,
Not less than magic, Or was it? When thee emerged,
Never but expereiced such an aura, giving such tranquility,

Ionised was a mind, elements fused a majestic compound,
Such created a romance, out of pure chemistry,
Deadly is this chemical, as its characteristics extultant,
For may god help, if a cupid miss an arrow,

Creation turns havoc, destruction like an apocalypse,
Uncontrollable reaction, from an inferno of emotions,
Chemically imbalance is a mind, without it’s buffer solution,
So beware, for if an alpha misses an omega,

Turn will this drug, An Intoxicating pain,
Screams of an assylum, even azkaban can’t comprehend,
Crystal meth nor cocaine, compare can with this drug,
For this addiction, is unthinkably irresistible,

So sweet an instance, so bitter next second,
if hearts are unsynced, face an unrelenting doom,
So fearing the worst, blacksmithed was an arrow of hope,
Forged by his own spirit, of pieces from his own soul,

With a hint of a drug, termed the prescription “Love”
This arrow been shot to fly, thee heart the destination,
Searching for the bulls eye, won’t give up this archer faith,
Will stay this will strong, across the test of time,

Fate will be what he makes, Vowed this warrior,
Promised from here on, to be his own saviour,
Blast the horoscopes, zip these fortune tellers,
Erase those foretolds, this man writes his own stars,
So Until thee sprungs a white flag, unstopabble are these arrows,
surrender to this heart, For thee won’t regret one tear drop,

Written by: NaliaM   Photo Credits: Naj

“Omnis amans amens.” – Every lover is demented, lovers are lunatics.

2011 NaliaM  © PoeticBigotry®


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——————–Retribution of a Sinking Heart——————–

From Deep Within

"From Deep Within"

Travelling in a sea of red, was a Soldier of fortune,
Rare is this vessel, travelling with such velocity,
Made of timber nor metal, but of cells of flesh,
Swirling ripples, across the path it crosses,

Unique is this sea, travelled by this lone wolf,
For thicker than water, this sea is of blood,
Told of a treasure, beware for the seeker,
Foretold the legend, only the sincere may acquire,

So was this apparel jewel, Golden Butterflyy was thee Alias,
Ravishing was a Queen, staggered of immense Beauty,
Elegance to the eyes, Bewitching to a heart,
Followers were thousands, Admirers were hundreds,

From Honest were few, but Right was one,
Only if she fathomed, piousness of those intentions,
Panic stricken, uncovered secrets of undisclosed desires,
Gifted thee unhesistantly, those majestic golden wings,

But unfortunate is a soul, for thee sort to disdain,
Afraid of being deceived, fearing for worst,
Thee flew away, thus sunk a heart cracked deep,
Tears streamed, like drops of jupiter,

Alas cumbersome is the head, even of the wise,
Once a cupid strikes, a fateful arrow,
Fragile was this once, great wall of china,
Exlpoded a hole, to size of a behemoth,

Alas Thou golden wings, was only but a weapon,
Could obliterate this romeo, lost in emotions,
Thus sinking is Noah’s ark, drowning an innocent,
God may let it only be, but retribution,

Before too late, Hear these cries my beloved,
Save this soul, be my angel of retribution,
Spread those wings, patch a sinking heart,
Thus redeem hope, mend a broken hourglass,

For thee heart to open, eyes to witness,
Inks a dense revelation, unearthed in the deepest depth,
Of an ocean of blood, enclosed in a crystal bottle,
words of sorrow not lies, pleaded for a chance,
Be not this struggle, but end in vain,
for this truth comes within, cried a sinking heart,

Written by: NaliaM   Photo Credits: Abllo

“Damnat quod non intelligunt.” They condemn what they do not understand.

2011 NaliaM  © PoeticBigotry®

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—————————–Would Thou Believe—————————–

"Wind to thy Wings, Light to thy Path. Dreams to thy Heart."

Succumbed in to trance, was my heart of thee,
Mind explain to me, these unique beatings,
So it conjured, in my sleep envisaged a siren,
With such beauty, such grace, i cannot articulate,

Trapped in my labyrinth like mind, was thee,
But would thou believe, this passionate odyssey sung,
Confused i was, of this fatal attraction,
Phrases infiltrating fear, creating chaos i couldn’t evoke,

My mind berserk, overwhelming emotions leeching,
Veins of soldiers, begging at every chamber,
Spear after spear, like each blood cell so cold,
Engraved a name, i shall never forget,

So outbursted my heart, please tell thee,
How? these eyes with a tear, thought & prayed,
As would thou beleive,if i scupperd & cried,
Of thee’s each action so devine, mesmerizing my eyes,

Spellbounding my spirit, thou’s magical smile,
But time stopped, i skipped a beat in to reality,
Would thou beleive,i thought not,
That i’ve been dying, with my conscious each day,

Suffering a sickness, only thou can cure,
Older than half a decade, this truth i carry,
Would thou believe,revere my feelings,
Now u slay a heart, day & night,

longing the voice, left for ignorance,
Unimaginable, are things this lad would do,
For a glimpse of thee, for a touch of thee,
Fly up any height, Swim below any depth,

Any Colleseums he’ll gladiate, danger any he’ll face,
For thee to acknowledge, an affection so pure,
Break this fortress atlast, vanquish this fear he promised,
Enlighten thee, release this screaming voices,

Hear a calling thee, are sounds from this broken heart,
So would thou beleive, allow redemption to fix it,
Melt like butter, make an exception,
Better sink in for a heart, abiding such true vows,
For thee wont ever regret, life in a day,
If granted salvation, forever won’t be enough,

Written by: NaliaM   Photo Credits: Naina

“A fonte puro pura defluit aqua.” – Pure water flows from a pure spring.

2011 NaliaM  © PoeticBigotry®


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ADC Tax: U$D 25 What A Rip Off By GMR on Maldivian Citizens

INIA Airport

We the Maldivian People are such an unfortunate bunch, I mean it seems as if we are always getting screwed & ripped of by someone. We get screwed & ripped of by our own government, MP’s, Businessman and now even by international companies a.k.a GMR (Grandhi Mallikarjun Rao Group). Just fed up of being treated this way. So getting to the issue at hand, do you guys know how much GMR is going to charge from us for the new and upcoming Airport Development Tax, freaking U$D 25 starting from January 2012 & woe on to the government for approving it. When I first heard this via a friend in Twitter I was thinking holy shit, this is outrageous, just utterly unbelievable that they would charge this much. With the current exchange rate at around MRF 15.42 per U$D 1 this is exactly MRF 385.5 nearly MRF 400 extra your bound to pay every time you fly. (Read Story: ADC Tax)

ADC Tax Guide

Really we need to make a stand, petition something or do whatever it takes against this, and to add to this as if the civil court hearing to change the initial applied ADC tax of U$D 27 to U$D 25 will make us happy. No way in hell this makes anything better just cutting the U$D 2 of insurance from this fee. (Read Story: Insurance Fee) I mean what the hell does the government think we are all fools and that them cutting a little mere U$D 2 from it makes all us Maldivians think how good they are to us. Good governance my foot, government slavery is what this is. I mean Let us look at the flight statistics from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA). This is taken from the airports site itself. (View: INIA Statistics)

We can see from this statistics that almost 355,392 passengers travel out from Maldives, so multiply this by U$D 25 per passenger and we get U$D 5,480,145 per year for GMR fat pocket, Damn right! So lets convert it to Ruffiya and we get MRF 84,503,830 can’t believe my eyes or your’s right! As the passengers will only increase each year this income for them would just keep increasing. How can the government be so cruel to us, MP’s with out of the world salary and civil servants with nearly survivable salaries, you people just don’t know it all of them are the same in that red brown boxes, they have the same ideas, acting like on each others throat when their goals are the same. WAKE UP PEOPLE! This generation of youth need to develop some freaking backbone, instead of being spineless cowards. All of us average citizen barely makes ends meet, government induced GST didn’t help, all the items we daily use just increased prices 10 to 30%, yea they say the companies are paying them, but the wise knows better cause at the end of the day its really the citizens of the nation who are paying for all of it. Really I mean I’m not against the ADC tax, but U$D 25 is too far fetched, why can’t it be reasonable like let’s say U$D 10 per person. Anyways, I looked at the taxes some of the other countries takes from their billion dollar airport development projects, Newquay Cornwall Airport UK only charged:

£5 per passenger aged 16 years and above
£0 per passenger aged 0-15 years

These cruel corporates from GMR even charge U$D 25 for 2 years old, just corporate manslaughter this is. so lets look at one more China Airport Construction Fee :

CNY90 (around US$13) for international flights
CNY50 (about US$7.3) for domestic flights and
CNY10 for branch flight routes.

So I call to this stupid government did you do a research whether agreeing to terms, cause I’m only a regular citizen and I can come up with all this. whats your excuse this time, their economy is much bigger ours is smaller. Well I have your answer what their corporates spend is way more greener & what GMR needs to spend in comparison is shit, small country, small economy, small airport but the biggest Freaking TAX. Seems like we’ll be paying U$D 25 for each of the 25 years we gave GMR to run our airport! so Fair Right! No wonder what Maakana show says about us, cause it’s true and sums up what we feel: “Dhivehin – Always Kataafa”

“How unfair the fate which ordains that those who have the least should be always adding to the treasury of the wealthy.” – Terence

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Poppy Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes: Remembering Martyr Hussein Adam

Take a hard look at the picture above, and look at ourselves all of us; cause i know most of us need to bow down our heads in shame of how they are repaying this great son of our country, who sacrificed his life for all of us. Lets take us back to that horror day, it was gloomy day that is Nov 3rd of the year 1988, what a dark and dreadful day for all of us Maldivians, a lot of lives were martyred by the Tamil Tiger terrorist group that attacked us with deadly force and sadly with the help of some of our very own countrymen. These people who assisted them are Betrayers and have committed treason, yet painstakingly you find them still among us. Maybe people don’t know what a sin it is or need to remember again what it felt like that on that horrific day. if it wasn’t for this one brave heroic young man who wasn’t even 20 years old at that time we will all be living a life of slavery. I salute this martyr and pray almighty Allah to grant him the best blessing in heaven. He stood tall and strong guarding our military base till his last breath so courageously untill the bullets from the terrorists punctured his body drowning him in his own blood. It was his last bullet which hit their leader and killed him, a person the whole of India and Sri Lanka wasnt able to catch, a moment which caused chaos and panic in the Tamil Tiger terrorists as their once indestructible general fell of at the hands of an ordinary young brave corporal.

When this fateful thing happened their whole plan collapsed and the rest as we know is history. So it wasn’t a surprise when one of the generals of Indian army said he’ll give all his medals to this young brave martyr if he was still alive. But when i look at the Maldivians today i see most are a bunch of youth who have lost their tradition and values. This November I dedicate some time from my work to give a tribute to this fallen hero. Therefore I post this photo of a poppy on his picture, a poppy is an international sign for the remembrance of the fallen heroes, veterans of the country. It looks a fitting tribute for the sacrifice shaheed Hussain Adam has done for his whole country and people. I also pay my respects an tribute to all the other every martyr who has ever lost their lives fighting to protect all of us in the name of our religion and country.

(Poppy Tribute: Corporal Shaheed Hussain Adam)

What are the six characteristics of the martyrs (Shaheed) taught to us from our beloved Prophet Muhammad ?

Praise be to Allaah.

It was reported in the hadeeth of al-Miqdaam ibn Ma’di Karb that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“The martyr (shaheed) has seven blessings from Allaah: he is forgiven from the moment his blood is first shed; he will be shown his place in Paradise; he will be spared the trial of the grave; and he will be secure on the Day of the Greatest Terror (the Day of Judgement); there will be placed on his head a crown of dignity, one ruby of which is better than this world and all that is in it; he will be married to seventy-two of al-hoor al-‘iyn; and he will be permitted to intercede for seventy of his relatives.”

 According to another report, the martyr has six blessings from Allaah. According to other reports (the number is) six, or nine, or ten.

(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, who said it is a hasan hadeeth. Also narrated by Ibn Maajah in al-Sunan, by Ahmad, by ‘Abd al-Razzaaq in al-Musannaf, by al-Tabaraani in al-Kabeer, and by Sa’eed ibn Mansoor in al-Sunan).

Al-Quran 4:69

                              Surat An-Nisā’ (The Women) – سورة النساء

“وَمَن يُطِعِ اللَّهَ وَالرَّسُولَ فَأُولَٰئِكَ مَعَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِم مِّنَ النَّبِيِّينَ وَالصِّدِّيقِينَ وَالشُّهَدَاءِ وَالصَّالِحِينَ ۚ وَحَسُنَ أُولَٰئِكَ رَفِيقًا”

“And whoso obeys ALLAH and the Messenger shall be among those on whom ALLAH has bestowed his blessings –  of the Prophets, the saints, the Martyrs, & the Righteous, & an excellent company are they.”

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