Get in Shape: Slim up, Rid of love handles, flabby arms, big thighs & lady’s those enormously huge butts!

16 Apr

So appetizing, so yummy & delicious looking ain’t it, I’m so full but just one more bite will do… STOP! put that cupcakes and fries down and gulping down the coke.. really you might as well be killing yourselves in the process while eating so much of those junk food. Well you are what you eat, it’s just like if you eat shit you will eventually look like shit. Obesity can lead to so many health problems like being unfit, tiredness, increased blood pressure, severe diabetics, getting your immunity compromised and getting always sick, even worse leading to liver and heart failures & eventual deaths. Also do you want to be called fatso, humpty dumpty, choccy or other various offensive names and rest assured these are decent ones. Rest assured that I’m not trying to be offensive here at all guys! Besides I’ll be the last to do so as once i was pretty fat or lets say very chubby. But that was long time back and most of my childhood days. It’s not easy being a fat kid, actually i wasn’t that fat just much like more chubby and still had a few slang’s & names thrown at me that i didn’t like one bit by some of those bullies and jerk friends. The truth is this generations is the most laziest the world has seen to date. Mainly in our own country the new generations youngsters have much increased obesity than previous generations, specially the kids. Obesity has been a major issue in all over the world, mostly in the more developed countries like United Kingdom where all little kids know to do is play their PS3 and eat Kentucky Fried Chickens. Convenience is a great thing to have, but as the old saying goes:

“Too Much Of Anything Is Bad For You.”

OK! These are just the most elegant photos i could find to put in to these articles as examples. You might think it’s cute, but its not for that little kid. He’ll be getting continuously bullied and called names, parents these days really need to take more care of their children’s health. Really most of those pictures i found were just too gross to put. So stop feeding your kids as if they were little piglets and make them look like that worlds fattest man in Mexico called Mauel Uribe or Jabba the Hut in Star-wars. Seriously just stop it people! Well! so know that we have gotten over that part let’s focus on how to get fit, slim and healthy. So listen carefully, here are the most important things you need to learn to do & don’t do  to stay fit and healthy.

1. Controlling your eating habits

The most important thing to do if you want to get slim and by that i don’t mean healthy is to control your own eating habits. If you want to be slim and healthy than eat a balanced caloric meal with veggies and fruits. To someone who eats a lot and loves food its very difficult to control the eating habits.  But its discipline and self control here where you win a great body. I know this because i really have an appetite for food mostly having a sweet tooth and i for once didn’t have the perception i was ever eating excess, that was until i came here to study and had to live on a really tight budget and was forced to control my meals. But it had its positives i lost nearly 12kg in one month and i was thinking Holy Shit! this is how i should really look like. Then only I realized i was actually still a lot overweight before. This prompted me to control my eating habits and know I’m reaping the benefits of having balanced and controlled meals. I have really disciplined myself in that expect and you guys can do the same too. Therefore follow these steps to control your eating habits which i have seen useful:

a) – Balance your calorie intake: First don’t eat burgers & fries daily, maybe occasionally because they have a lot of calories and all these calories not burned by your body will be saved as fats. Also eat less of high calorie foods like rice, flour and sugar. These are the steps you need to take to avoid too much calories in your diet. Eat small balanced meals every six hours, as this has proved to increase metabolism and uptake of protein, vitamins and minerals by the body.

b) – Don’t eat too much sugar: a very important step is controlling the amount of sugar you intake which actually has the most high amount of carbohydrate content and calories, especially if your diabetic person. Don’t drink fizzy drinks too much like coke & F&N as these have a very high content of sugar and mostly fructose which is the worst type of sugar with the most amount of calories. Therefore limit how much sugar you put in your drinks and other sweet stuffs you make. Something i find very useful is these low calorie sweeteners like Tropicanna slim sugar sachets.

c) – Don’t eat too much salt: As important as salt is in our diet, its as important not to consume too much of it. The most common way people get dehydrated and increased blood pressure leading to difficulty in breathing and heart failures is due to excess consumption of salt. Therefore limit your salt intakes and try to eat iodized salt which prevents you from throat cancer, especially with all of the nuclear waste going into the air which has nuclear isotope iodine-131- which the thyroids consume. Also be sure not to take too less of salt as deficiency can cause kidney problems and even coma.

d) – Don’t starve yourself to get slim, eat green & healthy nutrition: If you are going to do something try and do it right. Just because you want to be slim don’t starve yourself by not eating anything, this is a message of most of you girls out there. Because I had a sister who would starve herself and if she eats anything will vomit it out. It’s not very pretty when you start looking like a skeleton so please do your parents a favor and stop it. The best thing you can do is have a balanced meal every six hours which will give you all the right amount of nutrition. Therefore include some type of veggie salad with cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, ladies fingers etc with onions, pickles and garlic; plus you can make fruit salad with apple, oranges, peaches, bananas etc. Well you get the idea right. they are lot of fruits and vegetables to choose from, they give you a lot of essential fiber, vitamins & minerals you need to keep your body developing and strong. This is very important especially for children’s at adolescent ages for their maximum growth. Why i think most Maldivians are undergrowth are due to the deficiencies resulting in not getting the correct amount of nutrition in their maturing ages.

e) – Protein intake and muscle development: Did you know the best way to get the maximum amount of natural protein intake for your body is to eat tuna. Yes! Maldivians favorite food actually has the most amount of natural proteins with the least amount of fat in them. But don’t eat too much of it as it could lead to mercury poisoning which is a substance present in tuna. Not only that people it has a very important FAT, yes you heard me right not all fats are bad for us. Actually this one Omega-3 fatty acid is very vital for our body’s metabolism. Therefore be sure to eat tuna, but not too much of excess if especially your trying to bulk up its a good alternative. Eggs are pretty important too just one whole or 2 eggs a day is good for you if your active, also egg protein albumin is one of the proteins which the body consumes completely. But don’t eat more than two yolks a day its a lot of calories and will make you look like a giant pound cake in a few months time. Chicken meat is good too but don’t eat too much beef meat as it has a high quantity of fat and also unclean ones have tapeworms in them so be sure to buy your meat from only trusted brands. Also don’t forget milk is a good source of protein & calcium too.

f) – Eating Fats & Oil, What are the good & bad fats: When people say fats the perception we get is it’s all bad. But this is wrong fats are as important as the carbohydrates or proteins you intake. The problem is they have a very high caloric amount and the body loves saving them for a rainy day. Knowing which type of fats to eat is a key component in a healthy balanced diet. The so called “bad” fats are saturated and trans fats which increase the risk for certain diseases like blood cholesterol level which increases blood pressure and causes heart attacks. Then their is the so called “good” fats or mono unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which is very essential and actually lower disease risk. The key to a healthy diet is to substitute these good fats for bad fats and to avoid trans fats. Therefore when cooking & making salads use olive oil & except of margarine use butter when making cakes and stuff as butter is poly unsaturated and margarine is a saturated trans fat. Also limit your cheese intake. But yoghurt’s is good after a meal as their specialized bacteria in it to help in good digestion & metabolism in your stomach.

g) – Drinking Tea & Coffee: Did you know both tea and coffee has antioxidants which help in aging & metabolism in digestion by helping keep a clean bowel. Phyto-chemicals in tea helps protect your bones and boosts up your immune system. Also its calorie free and Poly-phenols and antioxidants found in it helps fight cancer. Also green tea is better, as it helps prevent esophageal cancer and ladies it also decrease your cholesterol level. Coffee has most of those effects too plus it helps you remember things better and increases your heart rate which helps burn more calories and helps prevent heart diseases. What i have found is if you go to gym just after you have drink a cup of coffee your metabolism is much higher and you are much alert and have more energy to burn. I have addressed this because almost all of us human beings will drink either coffee or tea so its better to know about the affects of it. Also, coffee may reduce the risk of developing gallstones, discourage the development of colon cancer, improve cognitive function, reduce the risk of liver damage in people at high risk for liver disease, and reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.Only problem with coffee i think would be that caffeine in it is addictive. So a cup of of coffee every morning is just a very healthy way to start off your day.

2. Having a good Exercise plan

The ideal way in staying fit would be to have a balanced diet plus a good exercising routine. People have grown really lazy and maybe busy to do any type of exercises these days. But believe me exercising everyday for lets say an hour or so is the best way to relieve your stress. Just plug in your iPod and go for a stroll in the park. After you have finished and taken a shower you will be feeling just like a million bucks, so good. Also be very careful to always do warm ups before and cool downs after any exercise you do to prevent yourself from any sorta cramps or muscle pull. Actually exercise is just secondary if you want to be slim and healthy. Exercise is what you do when you want to have a ripped, tough and sexy body. Therefore below I’ll be highlighting on what we need to do to achieve these Hollywood beach bodies we all are so craving for.

a) – Save your money, don’t buy these bogus items to get fit: For the love of god people if you really wanna get slim and ripped all you need to do is work for it. There are no shortcuts, their are no magic pills you can swallow or any magic belt you can put on your waist and poof all your fat disappears. Just do some honest work for it rather than taking some pill and in the end having to cope with much too many side affects that could even kill you. So don’t give into these fancy ads saying only you need is 5 mins to get thin with their never ever working products. So save your money or else buy some jogging boots and go to the tracks for a jog.

b) – Most important is cardio exercise, lower your fat content: The most important exercise will always be always doing cardio or in other words some sort of running, jogging or heck even fast walking. The best way to burn some maximum calories is to do cardio. Guys all of you have the same ripped shape hiding behind all the fat underneath your body, you don’t need big bulky exercise unless you wanna gain some serious tough muscles. So if you wanna stay lean and slim and still have those ripped abs its really simple, all you have to do is get rid of that layer of fat between your skin and muscles and viola you know have Ryan Reynolds or Kim Kardashian like bodies as above. when you lower your body fat to say almost 20-5% you can see great results. So just take your iPods as i say put on some Metallica or System of a down music or whatever the hell that get’s your blood boiling and pumping and go and hit the gym treadmills. If you are those types who hate running on treadmills then take up some sorta active sport like football, basketball, tennis, badminton, squash etc. and not golf. But the best form of activity you can do to tone up your body 7 burn enormous amount of calories is going for swimming. The best way to get those cuts and get an awesome ripped body, just hit the pool for a swim for 1 hour every day and provided you maintain your well-balanced diet I’m sure you will see results in less than 2 weeks. I won’t be emphasizing on any type of exercises you needed to take up, because in my view this much is enough to have a lean and ripped body unless you are going to compete for Mr.Maldives or world bodybuilding championship no need for any vigorous exercise. Hope i have helped all of you a lot by sharing what i’ve known and found out on my own experiences. always remember:



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5 responses to “Get in Shape: Slim up, Rid of love handles, flabby arms, big thighs & lady’s those enormously huge butts!

  1. Abllo

    April 24, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Good post.. i just wish i can start exercising again ! need to stay fit.. hehe

  2. dhivehsei

    April 26, 2011 at 4:54 am

    Thnks bro.. 🙂 ya v.important to always stay fit.. it’s difficult, but once u start and get a rhythm going can keep it up.. needs a lot of dedication..

  3. azhathrushdy

    November 9, 2011 at 8:34 am

    well well what to do .. the pictures of all fatty and high calorie stuff always look more yummy to the eyes and even tastes better 😛 hehe but yeah its about time ppl do a wake up call 😛

    rising divehi tide .. gud one .. keep up the gud work 😀

  4. dhivehsei

    November 9, 2011 at 8:46 am

    hehe.. true true.. & Thnks.. 🙂 obesity is a huge problem in the world let alone our own country, but I’m hopeful that awareness like this will help ppl to reconsider their choices and choose healthier options in the future, really just by replacing a few meals a day with a healthy alternative can bring huge differences even if u don’t exercise that much.. i had an uncle who had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle and he passed away due to a weak heart which resulted in a heart attack, I just wonder sometimes that if he was even a little careful about his health this tragedy could have been prevented.. and it is to him that i dedicated this article to..

  5. Weight Loss l Nurtirion l Get in Shape

    June 15, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all people you really understand what you’re talking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly additionally consult with my website =). We may have a link change agreement among us


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